About APAC Sourcing Ltd.


APAC Sourcing Ltd (ASL) is a young and dynamic company located in Manchester. ASL is a procurement services provider and acts as a link connecting the UK and China. APAC Sourcing Ltd dedicates helping companies in the UK developing relationships with suppliers in China. This is accomplished by making full use of its Chinese supplier network, extensive contact list and business experiences in China.


Cynthia Tong (who is the owner of APAC Sourcing Ltd) is a Chinese entrepreneur and has studied in England since 2010. She has a bachelor degree in International Trade and English and has extensive work experiences in both the UK and China.


Cynthia is able to communicate in Cantonese, Mandarin and English. Thus making communication with Chinese suppliers and the English clients in the UK much easier.


Cynthia also has extensive travelling experiences around Aisa; she has been to Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka and New Zealand. She found there were many trading companies in need a purchasing professional to help them sort the trading issues.


Therefore Cynthia determined to offer small to medium sized businesses, a simple and cost efficient solution that helps them to avoid common mistakes.

Our Mission

Building a meaningful business


To offer a high quality service for a lower cost than any of our competitors



We are experts for Scourcing products from China