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Are you a startup or small business looking for a new product to import from China? Finding a Chinese supplier online is easy, but how do you know that a supplier is legit and not a scam? Our sourcing experts have been in China for a long time and have extensive work experiences in both the UK and China. Our sourcing experts can help you to identify qualified manufacturers and trading companies and confirm their qualifications by visiting their manufactures directly, or based on factors such as; history, company size and product selection.



APAC Sourcing Ltd provides extensive services


1) Product Sourcing Services


● Source quality products from our reliable supplier network

● Source quality products from new suppliers in China

● Source quality products from Trade Shows
- We focus on Canton Fair (China Import and Export Fair). It allows us to meet potential manufacturers, network with possible partners and find the most appropriate opportunities for your business.


We can source anything according to your requirements. Please let us know which product you wish to import/buy, The quantity you wish to import/buy and your realistic target price. You may also provide us with additional product specifications and quality requirements. The more details you provide us with, the more accurate solution we can provide.


2) Purchasing of services from external suppliers


Not all projects have to be done in the UK when there is a better way to save your money in China. Our experts can make contact with the right professional freelancer or company in China to meet your requirements. Your company will be well-positioned to increase competitiveness and profitability through our services.


● Website Design and IT Outsourcing Services
- We are able to identify a suitable IT company for your website in both languages; English and Chinese.


● Design and Printing Services (For example, catalogues,look books, booklets and leaflets)
- We can help you to arrange advertising materials when you need them for a trade show in China.


● Interpretation and Translation (English - Chinese - English)
- We can help you to find an interpreter for assisting your activities while you are doing your business in China.


● Photography and related outsourcing services
- Need flat shots for your products? Why not try to accomplish all these photography issues in China,if your products or samples are actually available there?


3) Procurement Related Services


● Sample and product development
● Supplier check services for clients who have found suppliers on their own
● Quality control
● Discovering market opportunities
● Buyer branding (OEM)


4) Customized Solutions for Businesses


We offer customized solutions for businesses. If you need additional services beyond those listed here, please contact us at: info@apacsourcing.co.uk






Service Fee

- Our sourcing services are based on the total cost of the products as negotiated with the suppliers.It depends on the quantity and quality of the products provided and the complexity of the project.


- For other Business Supports, our service fee is only starting at


£199 (before VAT)


We do not charge for the preliminary works






- we do not offer any credit card payments. We only accept cash or bank transfer at the moment.






Your enquiry with solid details is crucial for us to select the right supplier/service for you.



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