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Are you a manufacturer or a wholesale trader from China or from other price competitive countries? If so, thank you for considering APAC Sourcing Ltd as a potential partner to present your products/services to the UK.

We have set up a Supplier Register, which you are welcome to join should you wish to provide your details and some general information about your company.


We promise to keep your details on file, and will certainly be in touch if a particular project comes up that might be a good fit for your company’s offer.


We look forward to learning more about your company, and hope that we can assist each other sometime in the future. Until then, please find the following link to download our registration form.




We are looking for freelancers in China


If you are professional freelancer who is specialist in design, photography, interpret (English - Chinese), and website design etc. and you should like to join our freelancer database, please feel free to send your CV to We will arrange an interview with you either in person or over the internet.


We welcome and encourage these approaches, because we like to keep informed about your capabilities, specialties and specific talents. We will contact you if we have an appropriate project is suitable for you and discuss further.






Joining our Supplier Network will help us keep an

up-to-date record of

potential supply partners for our diverse product development projects. 


Please also send us a separate email should you wish to provide additional information. We will not be able to reply or acknowledge these emails however.

Thank you.


Please click the button below to download

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If you are Chinese Suppliers and you would like to be served in Chinese

Please directly contact us with Email:

or just simplely give us a call at (+44) 7448881819


或致电 (+44) 7448881819